providing superior quality property management services in Calgary.

At UrbanTec Property Management Inc. our team of Calgary-based property managers and maintenance professionals have been in the condominium industry for more than 25 years.

Our experience has led us to see the need for a more streamlined, cohesive approach in the day to day management of condominium corporations.

We have facilitated this by amalgamating property managers, condominium maintenance professionals, project managers, and the building trades into our organization.

From day to day maintenance, building and property upgrades, as well as project management, boards will have the option of accessing these services through our knowledgeable in-house staff. Where boards decide to utilize other service vendors, these contractors will be held to accepted industry standards by our in-house experts.

In an industry that is constantly evolving, our team looks for ways to be current and ahead of industry standards, seeking growth opportunities to hone their skills.

With our expanded focus, we are confident that your condominium corporations’ needs will receive our expertise and dedication.


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