How are arrears handled?
27 September

The bylaws of each corporation should clearly define the parameters under which arrears are handled.  The property manager utilizes these directions unless specifically instructed by the board of directors to do otherwise.

Do we receive copies of all invoices paid?
27 September

The corporation’s books are prepared monthly and include all corresponding documentation associated with that months financial activity. It is up to the board of directors how much or how little information of that information they require to make informed decisions.

What are the duties of a property manager?
27 September

A property manager: Has to wear many different hats in the effective navigation of their duties Handles day to day correspondence with the residents and the board Provides oversight with the financial matters of the corporation Provides advice and solicit competitive bids where appropriate Serves as a bridge to the corporation and the various professions …

How do I get repairs completed to my unit?
27 September

In our welcome package all owners will be given ways in which they can report a maintenance issue or emergency. In the case of an emergency a direct telephone number will be provided. All other issues can be relayed to UrbanTec Property Management Inc. through the following options. A form is available on our website …

How are owners’ concerns handled?
27 September

UrbanTec Property Management Inc. is governed by the board of directors and condominium corporations’ bylaws. Whenever possible, using these guidelines, UrbanTec Property Management Inc.  will address each concern in a timely and professional manner, specific to the nature of the issue; providing full documentation to the board of directors for review.  In the event this …

Is there a 24/7 response for emergencies?
27 September

We are fully serviced by capable and professional personnel who are able to resolve any emergency issue that may arise. Our after-hours personnel are trained to assess and provide emergency services only, thereby keeping costs to a minimum. In our welcome package all owners will be given clear instructions, with contact numbers, of what to …

What separates UrbanTec Property Management Inc. from other Calgary Property Management Companies?
27 September

UrbanTec Property Management Inc. was founded with knowledge garnered from more than 25 years of providing project management and maintenance services to the Calgary condominium community. This provides us with a unique insight within the property management industry.  Therefore, your largest asset, your building, has an invaluable resource on which to draw. The idea for …


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