UrbanTec Property Management Inc. was founded with knowledge garnered from more than 25 years of providing project management and maintenance services to the Calgary condominium community. This provides us with a unique insight within the property management industry.  Therefore, your largest asset, your building, has an invaluable resource on which to draw.

The idea for UrbanTec Property Management Inc. came as a result of the frustration of having to deal with ill trained, inexperienced property managers. While they may be able to balance numbers, and return phone calls, they have a limited understanding of the specialty that is property management.  Our knowledge, dedication, and 25+ years of experience within the Calgary condominium market sets us apart from other management companies.

Our group of vetted employees and contractors can come into any situation seamlessly. Due to our long history providing maintenance services to Calgary’s multi-family communities, we’ve seen and done it all. We can address any circumstance with multiple choices to accommodate your specific and unique needs.

Mistakes are bound to happen, and it is the response to these mistakes that separates one organization from another. Part of our company philosophy is that we view mistakes as an opportunity. An opportunity to own the mistakes, to learn from them, make necessary changes and then move on. At no point do we make the corporations responsible for our mistakes.

In an industry where it is becoming common place for smaller, more responsive property management companies to be absorbed by large business interests, we are resisting this trend. We do not believe this serves the best interest of the Calgary condominium market. We are local Calgarians, providing local solutions to local problems.


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